TableSmith 5.2 released

Yes, you read that right - a new version of TableSmith has been released! I realize it's long overdue, and it's not a huge release, but it is something (and finally addresses the folder access problem that's plagued 5.1 since Windows Vista was released).

There are some new features, but this is primarily a technical update to address two things. First, the standard installation puts the program and other "read-only" files into the "Program Files" folder of Windows, while the tables, config file, and other mutable files go into a TableSmith folder in the user's Documents folder. This is the expected installation that Microsoft encourages, and fixes the issue where everything was installed into "Program Files", which then created issues when TableSmith tried to save it's configuration information. "Back in the day" (i.e.; Windows XP and earlier), you could do that, but Vista and later didn't allow for that.

Ironically, while this was the primary reason to update TableSmith, I almost immediately received some resistance to dividing up the installation. Which is why there's a "portable" version that installs everything in the same folder as it did before. This is fine if you know what you're doing; I just hope I'm clear that if you're just using TableSmith "normally", you use the standard install.

The second technical issue was that TableSmith was using the .NET Framework 2.0. Not really that big of a deal, but 2.0 was old even when TS was first released, so I decided to update the required framework version. 4.5.2 isn't cutting edge but it's much more recent than 2.0.

The help file lists the other changes; mainly bug fixes, but a couple enhancements and a handful of net functions.

What's the future of TableSmith? I don't have a roadmap figured out yet, but I'm expecting further updates as time goes on. I'm probably going to be focusing on a port of some kind to iOS (FantasyGen is basically a precursor to that) sooner than later, but the Windows version should continue for the foreseeable future.


WetWare said…
iOS port would be a godsend.
Bruce Gulke said…
That's the eventual plan :) Android, too.

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