Mobile Apps

This page is to support the growing number of mobile gaming apps I've written. At the moment they are only for iOS, but Android and Windows may be added in the future.


FantasyGen is a collection of name generators for fantasy RPGs such as D&D, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds (among others). Current the following generators are included:

  • People: Arabic, Barbarian (or Wood Elf), Egyptian, Fantasy Names, Hyborian, Old English
  • Creatures: Angels, Demons, Lizardfolk, Lovecraft, Orcs
  • Groups: Orc Tribes, Organizations
  • Things: Book Titles, Herbs
  • Places: Fantasy Places, Geography, Inns and Taverns, Streets, Towns, Woodlands
  • Miscellaneous: Adventure Namer, Ship Names

If you have any issues, questions, etc. about FantasyGen, feel free to contact me at



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