Codex Updated

Not much been going on lately (I should post more), but I did update the Codex with a table of contents now. Should be easier to navigate.

You can find it on the Downloads page.


Any plans for heraldry for the cities and realms? Has Thracia more or less replaced Ralynia for a noble ruled kingdom? Still loving this edition of Mythosa :D
Bruce Gulke said…
Thanks :)

I have a couple sites bookmarked for making coats-of-arms, just something I haven't gotten around to yet. I should remember to do that, though.

Regarding Thracia/Ralynia, tbh it's been so long I don't recall what I originally did with Ralynia. Thracia isn't really a noble-ruled kingdom, though; basically a whole bunch of warlords trying to carve out their territory. Some of them may aspire to nobility I suppose. Actual kingdoms would be like Aeranoth, Essengard, Calythir, Valenthar, or Var Naroth.

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