The following PDFs detail the campaign world of Mythosa.



Files that don't fit the above categories can be found below.
  • Python Random Generators - A Python program that is similar to TableSmith and includes a number of tables that have been converted to Python. It is just a generator and does not have the same functionality as TableSmith. Instructions on setup are included in the README file. To use, unzip and read the README.


Do the older PDF's still exist from the original Mythosa campaign?
Bruce Gulke said…
Probably, though I'd need to look for them. Are you talking about the ones from the 3.x days?
Yupp. I have em all on hard cop, was looking for PDF for my players though. While we really like the new stuff, we started out playing with the "original" and want to introduce our new guys to it.
Bruce Gulke said…
Sorry for the late reply. I zipped up what I could find and put it here:
JK said…
Great stuff! I really enjoy your world you have created, was a fan of the old stuff and just went looking for it and then found your new version. I really like it! I thinking about running my next campaign here.
Forticus said…
Hi Bruce, the link of "Mythosa Player's Companion (OSE)" lands me at Dropbox saying the file was deleted.
Bruce Gulke said…
Thanks for the heads-up! I must have forgotten to update the link when I put the newest update out. I've fixed the page, it should work now.
I found some even older stuff on my hard drive. I can share if you like.

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