This weblog is the current home to a variety of diversions I've developed over the years. These include: Mythosa, TableSmith, Mobile Gaming Apps, the Fantasy Gamer's Almanac, and various thoughts and ideas as they come to me.


Mythosa is a campaign setting I created years ago and have slowly tweaked and added to since then. Currently it is being used for a couple of 5th Edition campaigns, though it could be used (in whole or part) with earlier editions of D&D, or Pathfinder, or any other fantasy RPG. It's similar to settings like Greyhawk or the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. At the moment, the bulk of the setting material is in a PDF (available from the Downloads page). Maps and additional material will appear as blog posts (with the intention of eventually making their way into the main PDF or supplemental docs).


TableSmith is a shareware Windows application used for random generation. The table files it uses can be as simple as a two-column lookup to create basic names to something complex enough to create an entire city, including all its citizens, merchants, equipment costs, and anything else you can think of. More information is available on the TableSmith page.

Mobile Gaming Apps

These are currently on hold.

Fantasy Gamer's Almanac

The Almanac was created to collect the various bits of information I've gathered over the years for my campaigns and world-building into one place. Though I'm working with fantasy games, I prefer a foundation based in reality - science, geology, demographics, etc. I also prefer having a consistency to my worlds. I want populations that fit the geography they are in. I want to know what the weights or volumes are of particular things so I can see whether the goods in caravans or the items in treasure vaults or whatever make sense. Magic or other fantastic elements can justify a degree of "unrealism", but I prefer to have a realistic baseline to start with and then deviate from that as appropriate.

Note: Certainly, this information here can be found on other sites. In fact, that's where much of the information comes from, with the original inspiration coming from the long-defunct Tesarta.com. I'm just putting it together in one convenient place so I don't have to search for it around the web. Also, I want something that I know will be available until I stop doing it.

Unlike the Mythosa material, the Almanac items are posted as blog entries rather than as a PDF. I figure people are more likely to find these things on a web search if they're in the blog rather than inside a downloadable document.

What Else?

The plan is to post other gaming-relevant thoughts, commentary, and whatnot - we'll see how that turns out (or has turned out, depending on when you read this and how long it is before I manage to update this page). Feel free to comment, question, and criticize (as long as you're civil).

Last updated: July 25, 2020


Forticus said…
Great to see Mythosa alive.
Still got PDFs and a map from 2006/7 plus a file from Dec 1993 with a very inspiring email conversation on my computer. Though I can't find the "Mythosa Files" from 1993.
Is there an online community of Mythosa, other than this blog?

Best wishes
p581mao (in 1993)
Bruce Gulke said…
Hi there!

Thanks for the kind words :) There's a few websites or wikis that use Mythosa (or did in the past), but not much more other than this site.

I have a link to some older PDFs in the comments of the "Downloads" page, but those are from the D&D 3.5 days. Not sure if I have anything from 1993 anymore; if I do I'd have to dig through old archival backups probably :)

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