Create, edit, and use tables for virtually anything in your campaign - monsters, treasure, name it! Link to other tables for unlimited flexibility, create maps out of random tiles, and even export favored results to HTML. You can even archive and retrieve your TableSmith results through an Explorer-like interface, and have all your generated information easily available. The full TableSmith documentation can be found here (download the file and open in a browser).

There are two versions of the TableSmith 5.2 installer to choose from:

  • Standard: This will install your tables, images, configuration, etc. into a TableSmith folder in your Documents folder and the program itself elsewhere. If you aren't sure which version to install, use this one.
  • Portable: This will install everything into a single folder. This is meant for advanced users. Note that this works the way previous installers did, and it became a problem if you used the default folder in Windows versions after XP.

Download Standard TableSmith (1.2 MB)
Download Portable TableSmith (1.2 MB)

TableSmith 5.2 requires the .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later, available from Microsoft (note that you may have it already; if you have Windows 10, you've definitely got it).

TableSmith 5.2 is not supported on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

FOR ADDITIONAL TABLES: Many, many more tables for TableSmith can be found in the Files area for the TableSmith mailing list at Scroll down for the links to the group.


PayPal Acceptance Mark
TableSmith is shareware. If you like the program, please register! Registration is USD$10, and you may register via PayPal by clicking the image above. PLEASE READ THE NOTES BELOW.

  • The registration process is NOT automated; once I receive notification that you've registered, I generate your key and then send it to you via e-mail. I do my best to do this as soon as possible, but please be aware that there may be a delay of a number of hours, particularly on a workday (Monday-Friday). If you do not receive your code within 24-48 hours, please contact me at my e-mail address: If you instead choose to dispute the charge with Paypal, I will simply refund your money and you will need to try again (blame scammers in years past for that one).
  • Due to the costs involved with TableSmith support and development, registration is required even if you registered a version older than TableSmith 5.0 in the past. Your previous support is appreciated, and your continued support will allow TableSmith development to continue.
  • If you are using a mail verification system to avoid spam, be sure to whitelist my e-mail address (see above). Any extra step that I have to take to get you your code is likely to delay your receiving it, assuming that your challenge e-mail doesn't get swallowed by one of my spam filters. Email Group

The group is a great place to discuss or ask questions about TableSmith, and the Files area has a huge collection of additional tables you can download, for everything from name generation to treasure, encounters, monsters, and more!


Unknown said…
Do you have a link to the wiki? I'm hoping the help file is on-line somewhere? thanks!
Bruce Gulke said…
I don't have it online any longer since I switched from a regular web site to Blogger. It should be in the Files section of the Yahoo list, though (if it's not, let me know and I'll put it there).
Unknown said…
I've been a user for over a decade now, and this is by far the best tool I have ever used, both as player and Game Master. I use it for every game and in between every game.
It is entirely customizable and works in any game world, even yours.
The support at Groups.IO is fantastic and there are many there who will help you with whatever project you might be working on.
Unknown said…
The link to the tablesmith blog page seems to be broken... I'm trying to find some kind of an instruction manual that will answer how I should build tables - should I use a colon before the categories or a semicolon, and should I use the number of possibilities I want or a sequential set of numbers, ie: 1 item a, 2 item b, 3-4 item c OR 1 item a, 1 item b, 2 item c --> in order to get a 25% chance for either item a or b and a 50% chance for item c. I've seen tables which seem to do both. Thanks for the help!
Bruce Gulke said…
I'm not sure which link you're referring to; I just checked on the links on this page and they were working for me.

The help file for Tablesmith installs with the program, and it's also available on the site and here as well:

That said, I don't think your question would be answered in the help file since it's more of a "why" rather than a "how". Those sorts of questions are probably best directed to the group since there's really no right or wrong answer. In the case of your question, doing sequential numbers or weighted values is really just personal preference. The results of your example will be exactly the same (in fact, internally the program converts one to the other, though I forgot which way :) ).
wishlady said…
I am trying to make a history generator(Think Central Casting) and I am running into a problem, namely I have very little knowledge of how to make tables beyond the very basic. I know it is possible to do the things I want to do but can't figure it out. Is there a more in depth guide, with more examples?
Bruce Gulke said…
Hi, wishlady!

To answer your question, there's not a more advanced guide. I would direct you to the list but I saw you already joined :)
Unknown said…
Question about registration/license.

Is there a limit to activations? Limit to number of computers at a time? Or is it endlessly usable as long as I'm using it for myself?
Bruce Gulke said…
Is there a limit to activations? Limit to number of computers at a time? Or is it endlessly usable as long as I'm using it for myself?

I consider the license tied to the person, so there's no real limit as long as you're the only one using it.
Unknown said…
Thank you!
Hugh Foster said…
Hi! Long, long term user here, I have 5.1, what's new in 5.2 please?
Bruce Gulke said…
Hugh - This link should take you to the 5.2 revision notes.
Hugh Foster said…
Sorry - link is 401. I installed in a virtual; but notes don't seem to be with the software?
Bruce Gulke said…
The revision history is in the TSHelp.html file that gets installed with TableSmith. You should have a copy of it with the EXE (should open with the Help option). You can also download it from the link above in the first paragraph.
Hugh Foster said…
Thank you! It's great to find TS is still going, I thought it had died off! Massive part of my game prep toolkit :)

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