Order of the Obsidian Tower

Obsidian Tower

The Order of the Obsidian Tower is a society of wizards dedicated to the acquisition and control of magic. It is based in Spÿre but maintains chapter houses throughout Karnathas, Aeranoth, and Zarkhir. Members of the Order are feared and respected (mainly feared) due to the resources the organization is said to possess.

The Order is primarily concerned with the preservation of arcane knowledge. Its members believe that magic in the "wrong hands" is dangerous - whether the nethermagic once wielded by the Mystarchs, or a powerful magic item acquired by an adventurer, or anything used by the Blood of Aan.

The Order's secondary goal is the protection of arcane spellcasters, whether members or not, and even if they aren't wizards or sorcerers. Though the Thaumaturgical Wars have been over for some time, there is still a lingering distrust towards wielders of arcane magic. The Order does what it can to protect spellcasters from prosecution and imprisonment.


"We are the guardians of magic's secrets."


The Order's beliefs can be summarized as follows:
  • The secrets of wizardry must remain hidden for the common good.
  • Only the Order can be trusted to be the custodians of arcane power.
  • Spellcasters must be protected from the fear and ignorance of the common folk.


Gather lost lore and magic from Marasinia and the ancient empires of the Second Age, and keep it safe within the confines of the Order. Protect the secrets held by the Order. Aid other casters who may need protection.

Typical Quests

Typical Order quests include plundering ancient ruins for magic items, spellbooks, or artifacts; thwarting the plans of the Blood of Aan; and rescuing wizards or sorcerers who've been falsely imprisoned.


1 - Novice
3 - Adept
10 - Thaumaturge
25 - Magus
50 - Master


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