PDFs and Maps Updated

The first post of 2022! Also over six months since the last post; I really need to post more, but I always say that. Anyway, I've updated the Codex, the Player's Companion, and the world map. The changes are summarized below: Removed the "House Rules" page from this blog and moved all that material to the Player's Companion . Added some additional material to the Player's Companion . Moved the Deity summary from the Codex  to the  Player's Companion . Updated the map to move Zarinth and Cythicus, added Var Naroth and the Arcane Sovereignty, and fixed some glitchy labels. Updated the Codex  for the changes to the regions in the Unhallowed Wilds. This should be the last arbitrary change to Mythosa's kingdoms/states; I was never quite happy with the Unhallowed Wilds, but what I have now I like. Things may change in the future, but they will be the result of historical events either due to what happens in our RPG campaigns or the natural progression of ev

Map Updates

Did a little tweaking of the world map. Nothing really changed, just trying to clean up a few things. It seems Wonderdraft  works a little better on Windows than Mac, so I moved it over there. I also updated the hex grid to use 24 mile hexes rather than 25 mile; this fits in better with the standard 5E normal overland movement (24 miles in a day in non-difficult terrain).  The maps are on the Downloads page.

Codex Updated

Not much been going on lately (I should post more), but I did update the Codex with a table of contents now. Should be easier to navigate. You can find it on the  Downloads  page.

Codex Update, Player's Companion Added

A few updates this time around: MYTHOSA CODEX The Codex continues to be a "living document", which was always the intention. Though I do need to find a different application for the layout; right now, I just use Pages which means that when I change the entries it screws up the entire format. I'll have to take a look for some open source solution. Anyway, this time around I've tweaked the chronology - the months and the days of the week. Calendar:  My old design was one of those "this works out great" ideas and then turned out to be a little too pat (i.e.; contrived). Kind of like the "one deity per alignment" I originally liked and stole from Scarred Lands  and then soured on years ago. I was also inspired by Glorantha's use of "seasons" rather than "months", though for my design I have something in-between. Days of the Week:  Changed to fit a more religious origin, though the DoW are pretty much just a common point of refe

Mythosa Codex updated

The Mythosa Codex (found on the  Downloads  page) has been updated again. Currently version 1.5. This was just for some minor edits.

Mythosa Codex updated

The Mythosa Codex (found on the Downloads page) has been updated again. The Mythosan calendar and days have been added.

More Thoughts on Campaign Book Format

(This is related to this post from a few years ago). Before I wrote the latest version of the Mythosa PDF (well, version 1.0 at least), I was trying to determine a new format that was both useful and practical. Generally, campaign books follow a fairly standard design that we’re all pretty familiar with by now: some sort of summary introduction (sometimes with a bit of fiction that is usually terrible), then an extensive chapter on the world’s history that will mostly be ignored, a chapter that goes into way more detail than necessary on the political entities of the world, another one fleshing out the religions, and then others that vary but cover things like why these elves are different, and what the various organizations and factions are, possibly a bunch of new mechanical elements (for games like D&D or Pathfinder this would include new monsters, new magic items, new spells, new feats, etc.). Now, let me make it clear that I’m a fan of campaign setttings; I love reading up o