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3D Printing Project: Fortified Temple

A couple months ago I backed Printable Scenery 's "Time Warp" Kickstarter , specifically the "Rampage Castle" (the Western buildings were cool but I didn't need them, and the Europe line, also cool, wasn't something I was that interested in). The first thing I built with the castle sets was a basic tower; I'm not going to go into that here since detailed instructions on available on the PS site and in their YouTube channel. My second project was a simple stronghold. Took awhile to print (~400 hours) between two printers. Actually took longer than that since I miscalculated some of what I needed and ended up printing a few pieces I didn't need (though that gives me a jump on the next castle, I suppose). It actually looks more like a church or temple - a friend mentioned it reminded him of the cathedral from Diablo - but that's OK :) Anyway, I told the  3D Printed Terrain & Miniatures  group on Facebook that I'd provide a parts list f

3D Printing Game Terrain

I recently (well, about 7 months ago) got into 3D printing, initially spurred on by Fat Dragon Games ' second Kickstarter for their Dragonlock line . Since then I've also been printing objects from  Printable Scenery , free objects from  Thingiverse , and other places. As I've been a little light on blogging here, I figured I'd start adding discussion about this new facet of the hobby. It's very cool, more affordable than ever, and the potential is pretty amazing. More posts coming...