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OSE Players Companion

For a variety of reasons, I've switched from 5E to Old School Essentials . To that end, I've created a PDF for using Mythosa with OSE, including house rules, what optional rules are used, and similar things. The PDF is available from the Downloads page.

Maps Finally Updated

Very minor edit; the label for the Vhallosean Sea  had somehow disappeared. This is pretty common, actually. Almost always when I edit something on the map in Wonderdraft somehow a label disappears on the map. Not sure if this is user error or a bug in the program. This had been sitting out there for awhile, but it should be fixed now. Still a program I highly recommend. Knocking around ideas for future development, though the only thing on the horizon at the moment is a new Mythosa  Player's Companion  for  Old School Essentials .

PDFs and Maps Updated

The first post of 2022! Also over six months since the last post; I really need to post more, but I always say that. Anyway, I've updated the Codex, the Player's Companion, and the world map. The changes are summarized below: Removed the "House Rules" page from this blog and moved all that material to the Player's Companion . Added some additional material to the Player's Companion . Moved the Deity summary from the Codex  to the  Player's Companion . Updated the map to move Zarinth and Cythicus, added Var Naroth and the Arcane Sovereignty, and fixed some glitchy labels. Updated the Codex  for the changes to the regions in the Unhallowed Wilds. This should be the last arbitrary change to Mythosa's kingdoms/states; I was never quite happy with the Unhallowed Wilds, but what I have now I like. Things may change in the future, but they will be the result of historical events either due to what happens in our RPG campaigns or the natural progression of ev