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Settlements in Mythosa

The Mythosan world map and PDF show and document a number of towns, many cities, three metropolises, and one hamlet. Hopefully it is obvious that this is not the entirety of settlements in the known world; to show every village and town on the map would be major overkill and a lot of unnecessary work (and to be honest, I have no idea where every village or hamlet is; I add them as I need them). That said, there's nothing that documents the specifics of settlements in the context of Mythosa other than the general terms listed in the world guide. This post is intended to clarify that. There are five types of settlement in Mythosa: hamlet, village, town, city, and metropolis*. On the world map, settlements are shown based on their size (relative to the scale of the map) or their significance. Given that, all the cities and metropolises of the known world are on the map. Regarding towns, the ones that appear on the world map have some particular importance (like Irongate due to its

TableSmith 5.2 released

Yes, you read that right - a new version of TableSmith has been released! I realize it's long  overdue, and it's not a huge release, but it is something (and finally addresses the folder access problem that's plagued 5.1 since Windows Vista was released). There are some new features, but this is primarily a technical update to address two things. First, the standard installation puts the program and other "read-only" files into the "Program Files" folder of Windows, while the tables, config file, and other mutable files go into a TableSmith folder in the user's Documents folder. This is the expected installation that Microsoft encourages, and fixes the issue where everything was installed into "Program Files", which then created issues when TableSmith tried to save it's configuration information. "Back in the day" (i.e.; Windows XP and earlier), you could do that, but Vista and later didn't allow for that. Ironically,