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Settlement Business and Services Summary

In a previous post I discussed the details of settlements in Mythosa. This is a follow-up to that post, summarizing the availability of businesses and services in each of the settlements. They are shown in the table below (businesses are in brown). Most services that produce physical goods are not listed as their presence is implied based on the equipment lists in the PHB (i.e.; if the PCs can buy a sword in a settlement, you can assume that there are smiths; if they can buy arrows, assume fletchers are present, etc.). If a percentage is shown, that is the chance that one individual of that type is found in the settlement.

Service/BusinessHamletVillageTownCityMetropolisAlchemistNoneNone50%3 (2 to 5)5+ArtistNone50%3 (1 to 5)10 (5 to 15)15+AstrologerNoneNone50%3 (2 to 5)5+BankNoneNoneNone2 (1 to 3)4+Boatwright*None50%3 (1 to 5)10 (5 to 15)15+Book DealerNoneNone50%3 (2 to 5)5+Bounty HunterNoneNone3 (1 to 5)10 (5 to 15)15+BreweryNoneNone2 (1 to 3)5 (3 to 7)8+BrothelNoneNone2 (1 to 3)5 (3 t…