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Map and Codex Updated

Still doing some tweaking, the map and Codex have been updated. Here's a summary of what I've done: Added a couple additional kingdoms in the west near Thracia (the region is known - as will be seen on an upcoming regional map - as the "Unhallowed Wilds"). Thracia seemed lonely so they have some friends now - Illthia, primarily made up of refugees from Tir Naroth, and Zarinth, a gothic horror-ish kingdom in the vein of Barovia. Essengard also seemed a little isolated so I moved it to the Emerald Coast and turned it into an expansionist power who recently conquered a large chunk of Calythir. In Essengard's place is the ruins of the "Kingdom of the Damned", formerly the kingdom of Tir Naroth (they tried to take advantage of Elthanamir after their war with Marasinia; it was a mistake that the survivors lived to regret). I also split up most of the woodlands. I realized that I had forests with a single name that were often the size of entire countries