Codex Update, Player's Companion Added

A few updates this time around:

The Codex continues to be a "living document", which was always the intention. Though I do need to find a different application for the layout; right now, I just use Pages which means that when I change the entries it screws up the entire format. I'll have to take a look for some open source solution. Anyway, this time around I've tweaked the chronology - the months and the days of the week.

Calendar: My old design was one of those "this works out great" ideas and then turned out to be a little too pat (i.e.; contrived). Kind of like the "one deity per alignment" I originally liked and stole from Scarred Lands and then soured on years ago. I was also inspired by Glorantha's use of "seasons" rather than "months", though for my design I have something in-between.

Days of the Week: Changed to fit a more religious origin, though the DoW are pretty much just a common point of reference at this point. I did discover that while most settings do something special with the months, they tend to not care as much about the days of the week as I previously did (even the Forgotten Realms just slaps a number in front of the word "day"). I could have just used real world names for relatability, but given that the Norse gods (among others) don't exist in Mythosa, that didn't work for me.

That should be it for changes, though the kingdoms of the Unhallowed Wilds are likely going to be tweaked. I'm not 100% happy with them, though I'm not sure how to get to where I want them to be. Otherwise, I'm fairly satisfied with the rest of the world.

Since Tasha's came out, the number of optional choices available for PCs has gotten too big to just list on the "house rules" page, so I put together a PDF for players, called appropriately enough the "Player's Companion". Its primary purpose is to list which races and subclasses are allowed in a Mythosa campaign - not every option from the expansions (especially the more obscure ones from later books) are appropriate for the world. Granted, if you're actually running a campaign in Mythosa it's up to you as to what you'll allow and what not, so like any other gamebook, this can be seen as guidelines more than anything.

The Player's Companion can be found on the Downloads page.


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