Mythosa Regions Map


First, I have been following your work for since I found it years ago. I love the world you've built. Recently I compared the original Mythosa map I have with what is currrently on your blog. I am curious: Why the changes? Again, awesome, thoughtful worldbuilding!

Bruce Gulke said…

I'm not sure which map you have, but the world has probably gone through four or five redesigns since I first put it together back in the early 90's :) Mainly I've done it because I grew dissatisfied with what I'd built and decided to create something better (though I usually keep particular elements from incarnation to incarnation). I've actually recently come up with a "protomyth" to incorporate into the setting that explains the changes (really, it's always been intended ;) ).

This latest incarnation I'd intended to be the last, since free time is a much rarer commodity than it used to be. And it did last quite awhile...but there's actually another version on the way. I didn't intend for that, but I'll have a blog post accompanying the posting of the map and PDF that explains the rationale.

But this time will be the last...

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